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Music, Speech & Drama Festival 2017

Venues and Timetabling

Processing of festival entries has been held up by the election announcement and cannot be completed until we secure fresh halls for some of our sections. Please be patient. We are awaiting confirmation of a few venues. Once received it will be full steam ahead. In the meantime, we hope all our participants, be they performers, audience members or stewards, are looking forward to June. Any new volunteers interested in helping out, please get in touch.

Programme news

Timetabling and Programme preparation for the June 2017 Music, Speech & Drama Festival is now underway.

Online entries:

Online entry guidance

Please note: The return email may go into your Spam/Junk email, depending on which email system you use. Please ensure that you check this folder if you have not received your email. The Festival sales email address, sales@aberdeenmusicfestival.com, may be blocked by some email systems, e.g. Hotmail.com. Check that your email account is enabled to accept the festival sales email address. If there are any difficulties please contact the festival at info@aberdeenmusicfestival.com.

To help reduce issues with processing online entries in the Festival database, please ensure that all requested information is fully and accurately completed.

  • Go to the relevant online syllabus page, selecting the appropriate section and class.

  • There is an ‘Add to cart’ button next to each class in each section. For each class required press ‘Add to cart’ button.

  • Add all the classes required to your cart before checking out.

  • You will then be asked to pay for the classes entered.

  • The Festival uses PayPal but you do not need a PayPal account to pay, you can use a card payment.

  • Once the payment has been made you will see a message online indicating that payment has been completed and that a receipt for purchase will be emailed to you.

  • This email will also contain a personalised link which will allow you to complete the details for the entrants in the classes you have selected.

  • Entries for the June Festival will close on Friday 24th March 2017.

    Free Workshops

    Creative Drama workshop given by Robert Kirby on Thursday 6th April. For further details please see the poster here: Drama workshop

    Fiddle workshops given by Marie Fielding on Monday 10th and Tuesday 11th April. For further details please see the poster here: Fiddle workshop

    Thanks to the Co-op Community Fund:

    This year, the Festival is able to distribute the Music, Speech & Drama Syllabus FREE of charge thanks to the Co-op Community Fund.
    We have also been able to offer FREE workshops thanks to this fund.
    We are very grateful to the Co-op Holburn Branch, for nominating the Festival for the Community Fund.
    Co-op membership application forms are available from all branches of the shop and will be available at Festival events in 2017.

    2017 Music, Speech & Drama Festival Dates:

    Monday 5th June to Friday 9th June 2017

    2016 Challenge Recital Prizes

    Thanks to sponsorship from Kawai, a monetary prize is awarded to the winner of the Instrumental Challenge Recital. Kawai have provided all pianos for the Festival, including a concert grand for the piano classes.

    Thanks to sponsorship from Bon Accord Rotary Club, a monetary prize is awarded to the winner of the Vocal Challenge Recital.

    Festival Contact

    Email: info@aberdeenmusicfestival.com

    Phone: 07437962351

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