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Not to gain a prize or defeat a rival, but to pace one another on the road to excellence

Festival Results - Brass

Here are the results for this years festival.


Brass Bands

Code Class Winner
B42X Open Granite City Brass Band

Concert Bands

Code Class Winner
B43X 15 & Under Harlaw A.S.G. Junior Concert Band
B45X Open Withdrew

Duets And Trios

Code Class Winner
B27X 11 & Under Kaimhill Primary School Trio


Code Class Winner
B32X 11 & Under Non-competitive
B33X 13 & Under Aberdeen Grammar School S.1/2 Brass Quintet
B34X 15 & Under Aberdeen Grammar School S.3 Brass Quintet
B35X 18 & Under Aberdeen Grammar School Brass Ensemble

Euphonium, Baritone or Bb Bass

Code Class Winner
B22 12 & Under Jasmine Kieran-Ejimadu
B24 16 & Under Ruari Fraser
B25 18 & Under Ruari Fraser

French Horn Solo

Code Class Winner
B06 12 & Under Zander Williams
B07 14 & Under Stephen Holland
B08 16 & Under Emma Snedden

Open Solo

Code Class Winner
B01X Brass Solo Open Lucy Crabb Premier Challenge Cup

Solo - Any Instrument

Code Class Winner
B26X Primary school age Non-competitive

Tenor Horn or Soprano Cornet

Code Class Winner
B18 12 & Under Harry Mackie
B19 14 & Under Harry Mackie

Trombone Solo

Code Class Winner
B10 12 & Under Jeremy Durkin
B11 14 & Under Alan Forbes
B12 16 & Under Rory Matheson Cuthill II
B13 18 & Under Fraser Waddell Cuthill I

Trumpet, Cornet or Flugelhorn Solo

Code Class Winner
B02A 12 & Under Mairi Strachan
B02B 12 & Under Kirsty Hogg
B03 14 & Under Grant Mutch
B04 16 & Under Finlay Waddell
B05 18 & Under Harry Kilner

Tuba Solo

Code Class Winner
B14 12 & Under Keir McCulloch
B15 14 & Under Finn Allan
B16 16 & Under Laura Carter
B17 18 & Under Ryan McNeil
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