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Child Protection Policy

It is the policy of the Festival to involve participants, parents, guardians, carers and volunteers to ensure the smooth running of the Festival and to provide an environment in which everyone feels safe, comfortable and respected.

This Policy relates to children under the age of 18 years and those vulnerable adults of any age who are identified to the Council on the entry form.

By recognising the needs of those who are disabled, the Festival actively supports their participation.

Children are entered into the Festival by a parent, guardian or teacher who provides their signature and thereby agrees to uphold the Festival’s policy.

This policy requires that children and vulnerable adults are accompanied at all times by a responsible person.

If the person who has signed the entry form is not personally present the Festival Council requires them to be satisfied that their child(ren)/pupil(s) will be accompanied and supervised by another responsible adult on their behalf at all times.

The Festival is held in numerous venues and all sessions are open to the public. The responsible adult supervises children moving out-with the performance areas and between venues at all times. All sensitive duties are the responsibility of the accompanying adult.

The Festival is run entirely by volunteers, with professional input from adjudicators and accompanists.

All Festival personnel are recruited by personal recommendation. Stewards are identified by white badges and members of Council by red badges.

Any badge-holder can be approached for help and all participants should be aware of this.

A list of volunteers’ details is maintained by the Stewarding Secretary and, at the start of their period of duty, each volunteer is required to sign a register held by the Board Steward, confirming that they understand and will fulfil the requirements of the Child Protection Policy.

Stewards will be on duty taking cash; on the competitors’ board, ensuring children perform in order according to the programme; and as adjudicator’s assistants.

In the Scottish Country Dance Section children will be directed to male/female changing rooms by Stewards and will be supervised there by the responsible adult as agreed with their parents.

No Steward will accompany an individual child on his/her own at any time.

Issues relating to the Child Protection Policy will be immediately referred by the stewards to the Child Protection Officer, who will take such referrals seriously and deal with them promptly. All such incidents will be documented and dated.

No photography or recording of performances is permitted. Press and other photographs may be taken if the responsible adult has indicated on the entry form that this is acceptable.

As well as informing all participants of the date, time and venue for their performance, ballot-slips will also make them aware of this policy and the responsibilities of parents, guardians or carers.

In addition, this Policy will also be displayed at all Festival venues and in printed publications.

The Festival Council will review this policy at least annually, and more frequently if legislation or circumstances require it.

Child Protection Officer Miss Anna Hamilton

Phone 01224 822962

Email a.hamilton438@btinternet.com

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