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Not to gain a prize or defeat a rival, but to pace one another on the road to excellence

Festival Results - Piano

Here are the results for this years festival.


Adult/Student Duets

Code Class Winner
P50 Primary School Age Non-competitive
P51 Secondary School Age Non-competitive

Duets/Three At The Piano

Code Class Winner
P38X 10 & Under Jessica Kexin Cao & Jonathan Pan
P39X 12 & Under Lali & Tia Boshoff
P42X 18 & Under Ali Quereshi & Ewan Orus


Code Class Winner
P33X Grades 4–5 Ali Qureshi

Piano Non Competitive

Code Class Winner
P44 P 4–5 & Under Non-competitive
P45 P 6–7 & Under Non-competitive
P46 Grades 1–2 Non-competitive
P47 Grades 3–4 Non-competitive
P48 Grades 5–6 Non-competitive
P49 Grade 7 & Above Non-competitive

Piano Solo

Code Class Winner
P01 7 & Under Riyansh Kirodian joint with Elsie Keith
P02 8 & Under Alice Coutts
P03 9 & Under Daniel McGillycuddy joint with Jessica Kexin Cao
P04 10 & Under Jessica Kexin Cao
P05 11 & Under Niamh Botterhill
P06 12 & Under Archie Frame Alice Law Prize
P07 13 & Under Theresa Ronge Alice Law Prize
P09 16 & Under Esther Hayes Alice Law Prize
P10 18 & Under Withdrew

Piano Solo - Bach

Code Class Winner
P17X 14 & Under Namisha Jayasinghe
P18X 16 & Under Matthew Crabb
P19X 18 & Under N/A
P20X Open Nathan Fenwick Jean G Donald Prize

Piano Solo - Baroque

Code Class Winner
P15X 10 & Under Jessica Kexin Cao
P16X 12 & Under Sonia Zhang Margaret Charles Rosebowl

Piano Solo - Chopin

Code Class Winner
P27X 14 & Under Janani Mohan
P28X 16 & Under Callum Geddes
P29X 18 & Under Zoe Hodi Agnes Hastings Trophy
P30X Open Peter Shand George Hastings Trophy

Piano Solo - Repertoire

Code Class Winner
P12X 14 & Under Laura Ritchie Irene Long Memorial Trophy
P13X 18 & Under Matthew Crabb
P14X Open Daniel Toderas Joint with Lina Murray

Piano Solo - Sonata

Code Class Winner
P22X 14 & Under Sonia Zhang
P23X 16 & Under Matthew Crabb
P24X 18 & Under Daniel Toderas
P25X Mozart Sonata, Open Catriona Mackenzie June Maclean Rosebowl
P26X Beethoven Sonata, Open Nathan Fenwick Adeline F Cheyne Prize

Piano Solo - Sonatina

Code Class Winner
P21X 12 & Under Sonia Zhang

Ragtime, Blues And Jazz Transcriptions (Non-Improvised)

Code Class Winner
P35X Primary School Age Freya Baikie
P36X Secondary School Age William Hodi
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