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Not to gain a prize or defeat a rival, but to pace one another on the road to excellence

Festival Results - Recorder & Woodwind

Here are the results for this years festival.

Recorder & Woodwind

Alto Saxophone Solo Set Pieces

Code Class Winner
RW35 11 & Under Lara Scatterty
RW37 14 & Under Withdrew
RW38 16 & Under Isla Cartney
RW39 18 & Under Lai Yee Orbell

Bassoon Solo Set Pieces

Code Class Winner
RW33 16 & Under Eleanor Grant

Clarinet Solo

Code Class Winner
RW28 16 & Under Scott Malcolm
RW26 12 & Under Sophie Love
RW27 14 & Under Scott Malcolm
RW29 18 & Under Isla Cartney

Descant Solo Set Pieces

Code Class Winner
RW02A 8 & Under Non Competitive Non-competitive
RW02B 8 & Under Non Competitive Non-competitive
RW03A 9 & Under Abigail Watson
RW03B 9 & Under Catriona Bonsor Joint with Freya Reid
RW04A 10 & Under Eilidh Swanston
RW04B 10 & Under Millie Thomson
RW04C 10 & Under Ishbel Burn
RW05A 11 & Under Elliot Johnson
RW05B 11 & Under Ananya Dick
RW06 12 & Under Elliot Johnson

Flute Solo Set Pieces

Code Class Winner
RW15 11 & Under Hannah Jack
RW16 12 & Under Emily Gow
RW17 14 & Under Nivi Aravind
RW18 16 & Under Esther Hayes

Mixed Ensembles

Code Class Winner
RW63X 15 & Under Elizabeth McCall, Natalia Kurpanik, Lada Skelonoka
RW64X 18 & Under Rachel Watson, Bethan Taylor, Natalia Kurpanik, Martyna Mental, Anna Geddes

Non Competitive Solo

Code Class Winner
RW43 Primary 6–7 Non-competitive
RW45 Grades 3–4 Non-competitive
RW46 Grades 5–6 Non-competitive
RW47 Grade 7 & Above Non-competitive

Oboe Solo Set Pieces

Code Class Winner
RW20 11 & Under Sameera Angus
RW23 16 & Under Hannah Magill
RW24 18 & Under Elizabeth McCall

Open Solo

Code Class Winner
RW01X Recorder & Woodwind Open Solo Rachael Watson (Flute) Joint winner with Ruaraidh Wishart: Top Note Trophy; Ruaraidh Wishart - Edmund Greig Arion Trophy

Recorder Chamber Music - Duets & Trios

Code Class Winner
RW48 Primary 4–5 Non Competitive Non-competitive
RW49X Primary 6–7 Millie Thomson, Yves Fraser

Recorder Chamber Music - Ensembles

Code Class Winner
RW50X Primary NESMS Junior Recorders

Recorder Chamber Music - Groups

Code Class Winner
RW52X Primary 4–5 & Under Robert Gordon’s Junior School Beginners Recorder Group Mrs Joy Brockley Ewen Trophy
RW53X Primary 6–7 & Under Drumoak Primary Senior Recorder Group Aberdeen Savings Bank Silver Challenge Trophy I

Repertoire: Recorder Solo

Code Class Winner
RW13X 11–13 Years Robert Kennedy Joint with Harry Sayers
RW14X 14–18 Years Louise Findlay Joint with Lydia Broadley

Sopranino Solo Set Pieces

Code Class Winner
RW10 12 & Under Ananya Dick

Tenor Solo Set Pieces

Code Class Winner
RW11 11 & Under Linden Stewart

Treble Solo Set Pieces

Code Class Winner
RW08 11 & Under Matthew Padmos

Woodwind Chamber Music - Duets & Trios

Code Class Winner
RW56X 11 & Under Jake Leyni & Grant Melville
RW57X 13 & Under Zoe Edward & Josie Batham
RW58X 15 & Under Ross Greig And Laura Gow

Woodwind Chamber Music - Three Or More Players

Code Class Winner
RW60X 13 & Under Emily Smith, Liberty Mountain, Francesca Mountain
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