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Festival Results - Speech & Drama

Here are the results for this years festival.

Speech & Drama

Bible Reading

Code Class Winner
SD04 9–11 Charles Hardie


Code Class Winner
SD24 11 and under Charles Hardie Aberdeen Burns Trophy

Creative Group Performance

Code Class Winner
SD69 12–16, over 10 performers Cults Academy Drama Group

Drama - Group

Code Class Winner
SD66X 16 & Under Cults Academy Drama Group B
SD67X Open Ewan Bruce & Joss Horn

Drama - Individual

Code Class Winner
SD62X 11 & Under Isla Lappin
SD63X 16 & Under Lewis H. Mair

English Prose

Code Class Winner
SD37X Age 8–9 Angel George
SD38X Age 10 Dominic Halliday
SD39X Age 11–12 Rachael Henderson

Group Improvisation

Code Class Winner
SD88 9–11 Alice Arnell, Elizabeth Booth, Katie Maciver, Maisie Munday & Hannah Pearson
SD89 12–16 Finn Allan, Finn Robertson, Oliver Waterhouse & Kieran Isaac

Group Mime

Code Class Winner
SD79 11 & Under Rudi Wishart & Nathan Senff

Pairs Improvisation

Code Class Winner
SD85 9–11 Rudi Wishart & Nathan Senff

Public Speaking - Solo

Code Class Winner
SD51 11 & Under Adwait Sharma

Scots Prose

Code Class Winner
SD32X 10 & under Noah Griffin

Scots Verse

Code Class Winner
SD19 Age 6–7 Riyansh Kirodian
SD20 Age 8–9 Tanish Kirodian
SD21 Age 10–11 Charles Hardie
SD26X Burns Open Sam Mitchell

Sight Reading

Code Class Winner
SD44 Age 7–8 Tanish Kirodian
SD45 Age 9–10 Angel George
SD46 Age 11 Rachael Henderson
SD47 Age 12–13 Lewis H. Mair
SD48 Age 14–15 Anna Isabel Scott
SD50 Winners & Runners Up From Classes SD48 & SD49.

Solo Improvisation

Code Class Winner
SD82 9–11 Tiana Mudkavi

Solo Mime

Code Class Winner
SD74 8 & Under Tanish Kirodian
SD75 9–11 Ellie Lang

Solo Verse

Code Class Winner
SD08 Under 6 Years - Non competitive Non-competitive
SD09 Age 6–7 Abhijith Kumar
SD10A Age 8–9 Lola Mutch
SD10B Age 8–9 Angel George
SD11 Age 10 Ellie Lang
SD12 Age 11–12 Lewis H. Mair
SD13 Age 13–14 Anna Isabel Scott
SD15X Open Noah Hasan Association Gold Medal

Story Telling

Code Class Winner
SD01 8 & Under Tanish Kirodian
SD02 9–11 Elizabeth Booth
SD03 12–15 Lewis H. Mair

Verse Drama - Individual

Code Class Winner
SD56X 13 & Under Lewis H. Mair
SD57X 16 & Under Anna Isabel Scott The late Marquis of Aberdeen & Temair Gold Medal

Write Your Own Poem

Code Class Winner
SD91 Age 8–9 Isabella Hasan
SD92 Age 10–11 Tiana Mudkavi

Write Your Own Story

Code Class Winner
SD97 Age 8–9 Tanish Kirodian
SD98 Age 10–11 Millie Scott
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