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Festival Results - Vocal & Choral

Here are the results for this years festival.

Vocal & Choral


Code Class Winner
V79X Quartet: Open Stardust Quartet
V80X Choir: Open Aberdeen Chorus Of Sweet Adelines


Code Class Winner
V01X Nursery and Infants School Choir: P3 & Younger Milltimber P2
V02X Primary School Junior Class Choir (P3-P5) Pupils in a Single Class P4/5 Aboyne Primary School Maureen Vernal: Trophy
V03X Primary School Junior Choir (P3-P5) Robert Gordon’s College P4/5 Choir The Association Trophy
V05X Primary School Choir Robert Gordon’s College P6/7 Choir Laos Challenge Shield
V06X Choirs from Primary Schools With Fewer Than 120 Pupils Lathallan Junior School Choir Provost Taylor Silver Challenge Cup
V07X Choirs from Primary Schools With Fewer Than 250 Pupils Greenbrae P5 - 7 Choir Association Silver Challenge Shield
V08X Primary School Age: Scots Song Ashley Road Primary 4 Saltire Society Trophy
V09X Choirs: 11 & Under The Bridge Of Don Choir Aberdeen Orpheus Choir Lythe Trophy
V11X Secondary School Choirs: S1-S3 Dyce Academy Junior Choir The late George Innes Silver Bowl
V12X Secondary School Choirs: 18 & Under Bridge Of Don Academy Senior Choir
V14X Female Choir: Open Aberdeen Chorus Of Sweet Adelines Sir R W Smith of Crowmallie Silver Challenge Cup
V17X Mixed Voice Choir: Open Aurora Choir Feuar Managers of Peterhead Silver Challenge Shield

Folk Song

Code Class Winner
V56X 11 & Under Jessica Mae McWilliam Joint with Anna Seaman
V57X 12–14 Max Paterson
V58X 15–17 Stephanie Walker
V59X Open: 18 & Over Hannah Knight

Gilbert & Sullivan

Code Class Winner
V60X Solo 17 & Under Emily Grant
V62X Solo Open: 18 & Over Kirsty McNaughton

Hebridean Song

Code Class Winner
V52X 11 & Under Katie Mowat
V53X 12–14 Max Paterson
V54X 17 & Under Stephanie Walker
V55X Open: 18 & Over Carly McPherson

Light Music

Code Class Winner
V68X Solo: 12–13 Beth Nicholson
V69X Solo: 14–15 Eilidh Bisset Garden Trophy
V70XA Solo: 16–17 Matthew Grainger
V70XB Solo: 16–17 Emily Mowat Pro Arte Society: Kathleen Stuart Quaich
V71X Solo Open: 18 & Over Jessica Stuart Margaret Wright Memorial Trophy
V72X Ensemble: 12–14 Scott School Of Singing
V73X Ensemble: 15–17 Amy Anderson, Rosemary Bullock, Chloe Clark, Melissa Heywood, Xenoa Campbell-Ledgister
V74X Ensemble: Open Vocal Zone
V76X Chorus Open Granite City Chorus


Code Class Winner
V64X Solo: 17 & Under Stephanie Walker

Scots Song

Code Class Winner
V47X 11 & Under Joel Anderson Aberdeen Burns Club Crawford Douglas Cup
V48X 12–13 Katie Maclean
V49X 14–15
V50X 16–17 Emily Grant
V51X Open: 18 & Over Lindsey Innes Mrs John Macdonald Silver Rosebowl

Vocal Ensembles

Code Class Winner
V22XA Duet 11: & Under Freya Watt & Sophie Calder
V22XB Duet 11: & Under Alex Andrews & Jasmine Watt
V24X Classical Duet: 15–17 Stephanie Walker & Imogen Bews
V26X Classical Trio or Quartet: 17 & Under Emily Mowat, Erin Salter & Eve Begg

Vocal Groups

Code Class Winner
V18X 11 & Under Chloe Forrest, Abbie McLeod, Amy Carson
V21X Open Ad Hoc

Vocal Solos

Code Class Winner
V28 Girls 7 & Under Lucie Findlay
V29 Girls 8 Olivia Barber Joint with Emilie Findlay
V30 Girls 9 Kirsten Philip Pam Michie Award
V31A Girls 10 Ayla Chalmers Joint with Lily-Bell Gill
V31B Girls 10 Gopika Menon
V32 Girls 11 Alex Kelman
V34 Girls 14–15 Tayler Henderson
V35X Soprano: 16–17 Ellie Donald
V37 Boys 7 & Under Leonard Zemani
V38 Boys 8–9 Jamie Mair Scott Luke Trophy
V39 Boys 10–11 Mark Simpson Donald Sim Trophy
V40 Boys 12–13 Matthew Cranfield
V41X Boys: 14–15 Michael Smith
V42X Boys: 16–17 Blair Ruxton
V43X Classical Open: 18 & Over Anna Wiedemann
V44X Operatic Open: 18 & Over Anna Wiedemann
V45X Oratorio Open: 18 & Over Kirsty McNaughton Nora Atkins Memorial Trophy

Voice & Piano

Code Class Winner
V81X Art Song: 17 & Under Ellie Donald & Daniel Toderas
V82X British Art Song Open: 18 & Over Kirsty McNaughton & William Gray Mrs Lena Dunn Scorgie Silver Trophy
V83X Lieder Open: 18 & Over Kirsty McNaughton & William Gray Hartley Silver Cup
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