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Not to gain a prize or defeat a rival, but to pace one another on the road to excellence


Can you spare some time to help us?

The Festival needs Stewards to enable it to run smoothly. Certain sections of the Festival attract large groups of competitors e.g. choirs, instrumental groups, orchestras, bands etc. It can be very difficult to find enough people to act as stewards to help run the Festival efficiently.

Just two or three hours during Festival Week?

Although it is unpaid, volunteers can be assured that they aremaking a vital contribution to the organisation of the Festival. We therefore appeal to anyone who has a few hours to spare during Festival week to consider giving their names to the Secretary to join our stalwart team of Stewards.

There are three ways in which you can help:

Cash Steward
Takes entrance money and makes sure people do not enter the hall during a performance.
Board Steward
Check that competitors are present, and put the relevant numbers from the programme on the competitors’ board. (This steward is also in charge of making tea/coffee for adjudicators and officials).
Adjudicator’s Assistant
Assist at adjudicator’s desk with music, adjudication sheets and certificates.

If you are willing, or know of anyone who might be willing, to give a morning, afternoon or evening to undertake one of these duties, please email info@aberdeenmusicfestival.com.

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